Coral Diving in Gozo

While the Mediterranean may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of coral diving, Gozo and its dive sites may persuade you otherwise. The island is the second largest in the Maltese archipelago, and in addition to its crystal-clear waters and excellent diving, Gozo is home to ancient temples, impressive cathedrals and hilltop citadels. Below the surface, dive sites are characterised by caves, canyons and swim-throughs, and with the warm southern Mediterranean waters lapping Gozo’s shores, there are a few wonderful species of coral on display.

Jewellers have long since known of the coral present in the Mediterranean, with records of coral trading between Mediterranean islands and India dating back to the first millennium. Precious red coral has been harvested in the area for many a year, and you can still find it growing in Gozitan waters, alongside reef-building hard corals and solitary soft corals.

Gozo's picturesque coastline is dotted with sheltered bays and beaches, and you're never too far from a dive site entry point on your search for coral. Diving in Gozo provides the best close-to-home underwater experiences for Europeans, with the Inland Sea, Blue Hole and Gozo's wrecks perfect for a summer getaway.

Dwejera Bay

Situated on the west coast of Gozo, Dwejera Bay is on the doorstep of some of the island's best-known dive sites. The Inland Sea, Blue Hole and the site where the Azure Window once stood are all nearby. A dive at the Blue Hole usually ends with a gentle cruise through the shallow coral gardens, while the Inland Sea begins with a spectacular swim through a tunnel to the open ocean.

Ta' Cenc

The dramatic Ta' Cenc cliffs, in addition to being a great sunset viewpoint, are located on Gozo's southern coast and are a stone's throw from a few of the island's wreck dives. The wrecks and the nearby walls are rich in marine life and offer some of the best coral diving in Gozo.

Xlendi Bay

A stay in Xlendi Bay puts you in the perfect location to dive Xlendi Cave and to enjoy the calm waters inside the bay. The cave cuts through from one side of the headland to the other, and its walls are resplendent with brightly coloured starfish, sponges, algae and coral. Diving in Gozo is about stunning topography and clear, blue water, and Xlendi Bay is a great location from which to explore Gozo's best dive sites.

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