Deep Water Diving in Socorro

It’s Rev-ee-aa-he-hee-do. But if you’re struggling with the pronunciation, you can use the archipelago’s simpler nickname, Socorro. The Revillagigedo Archipelago’s four volcanic islands – Socorro, San Benedicto, Roca Partida, and Clarion – sit in the Pacific Ocean, 285 miles off the southern tip of Baja California. Home to Mexico’s wildest diving, this archipelago contains myriad submerged seamounts that serve as cleaning stations for the ocean’s most sought-after creatures. Schooling scalloped hammerheads, friendly mantas and playful dolphins are virtually guaranteed, making the deep water diving in Socorro hard to beat. Plus, if you keep your fingers crossed, you may even spot behemoth whale sharks cruising in the blue...

El Canyon, San Benedicto Island

The allure of diving around San Benedicto Island lies in the abundance of mantas gracefully dancing in the shallows at The Boiler. However, for those seeking the best deep water diving in Socorro, El Canyon may become their favourite site on San Benedicto. The deeper depths of El Canyon shift the focus from oceanic manta rays to encounters with silkies, Galapagos sharks and hammerheads.

While exploring the depths of El Canyon, keep an eye trained on the blue, scanning for sharks and dolphins, and if you're in luck, an elusive tiger shark might make a cameo...

Roca Partida

As the smallest of the four Revillagigedo Islands, Roca Partida, meaning 'split rock,' should not be dismissed. Though tiny in size, its aquatic visitors are anything but. While this island measures a mere 100 metres by eight metres, below the surface it punches well above its weight. Galapagos sharks, oceanic whitetips, scalloped hammerheads and whale sharks will keep shark aficionados happy. And if you crave variety, marlin, oceanic manta rays, yellowfin tuna and pods of dolphins are also on hand.

Considered a must-dive in the archipelago, Roca Partida ranks among the finest sites for deep water diving in Socorro. While surface conditions can be choppy and currents strong, especially at the corners, this remote rock is a magnet for the impressive marine giants, seldom leaving divers disappointed.

Roca O'Neal, Socorro Island

Socorro, the largest island in the archipelago, is home to some of the best deep water diving in Socorro at Roca O'Neal. Also known as Hammerhead Central, this site lives up to its name, making it a haven for depth junkies seeking their daily nitrogen fix.

Descending into the depths, divers are greeted by a shallow plateau extending from the rocks before plunging steeply on all sides to depths of over 30 metres. Among the boulders and large rocks, divers patiently wait, hidden from view, for the stars of the show to make their grand entrance, and they seldom disappoint. The opportunity for screensaver-worthy photos with hammerhead sharks doesn't come around often for divers - unless they venture to experience the best deep water diving in Socorro, that is.

With our team of knowledgeable dive travel experts, you can experience the best deep water diving in Socorro, benefiting from their first-hand insights of the best liveaboards cruising the archipelago. We are here to craft your perfect Socorro itinerary or, if you want to explore further, assist in creating multi-stop adventures that showcase the very best of Mexico.

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