For the wreck heads, the muck dwellers, the coral admirers and the thrill-seeking divers in our lives, birthdays are a great time to stoke their passion for the ocean. Whether it's with a small gift to remind them of the big blue (we're thinking some shark socks), a bigger gift to get them excited for their next dive adventure - and maybe invite you along - or a charity donation to warm their heart, we've got you covered. Read on for our list of the best birthday gifts for every diver in your life.

For the office-bound diver

For the office-bound diver yearning for the ocean during their 9-5 grind, get them some fin-tastic socks (we're thinking sharks). A glance at their feet will spark a smile as they reminisce about the amazing animals below the surface. You could also hunt for a charm for their necklace or bracelet featuring their favourite aqua animal. Take it a step further with jewellery brands that give back to the ocean, like the Journey Bracelet from Fahlo which donates a portion of its profits to tracking turtles and supporting the Sea Turtle Conservancy - because gifts can do good, too.

Two divers swimming with arm linked together over coral reefs with a turtle in the foreground

For the sentimental diver

For the sentimental diving buddies, frame a photo of a dive that you've done together to commemorate the experience (and remind your friend how much fun you both had and that you should get booking another holiday soon). But how to take these wonderful photos? For phone photographers, a great birthday gift for a diver in an underwater housing case for their device. Brands such as DiveVolk offer a range of cases for various smart phones, allowing you to take you phone down to depths of 60m to get that perfect Instagram shot (and then share it instantly during your interval break).

For the gadget-loving divers

For the cave seekers and night-time dwellers, gadgets are always appreciated. Whether it's a new torch to light up the night, a scuba multi-tool to slip inside their BCD, a sleek new slate, a dive knife or just the overly practical double-ended snap hooks, these accessories make a great birthday gift for a diver. For a bigger gift, why not think about getting a dive computer (our favourite is produced by Suunto) or a new compass?

Aeriel view of a fishing boat on clear blue water with snorkelers near by

For the dreamers and continuous learners

For divers who love to document trips and are always itching to plan the next one, surprise them with a fresh adventure logbook or a diving world map where they can proudly rub off the sites they've conquered. If their underwater journey takes them to far-flung places, a universal travel adapter is always a handy addition. And for the perpetual learners among us, explore the depths of knowledge with a PADI eLearning course.

For the bigger picture

Instead of getting a material gift, why not donate to a charity that your buddy loves?

  • For shark lovers, donate to Project Hiu - an Indonesian-based organisation that seeks to protect sharks by redefining the role of fishermen.
  • For manta ray lovers, consider adopting one in their name from the Maldives-based Manta Trust.
  • For the diver who loves grass and algae, consider Project Seagrass. This UK-based organisation is raising awareness about the importance of seagrass and its vital role as a biodiverse habitat and carbon capture ability.
  • For those who love coral, take a look at the Mexican non-profit organisation Coral SMA or the wider Reef Support which helps global reef conversation projects.
  • For the political divers and those who are actively fighting for policy change, consider the Blue Marine Foundation, the London-based charity that is working to restore the ocean's health by addressing the issues of overfishing.

But remember, the ultimate gift that you can give those that you love is memories and good times, so why not plan another adventure together? We're here to help make your diving dreams come true.