As we head towards the middle third of 2014, we think it's time to add more boxes to tick on your scuba diving bucket list of dive sites or just give you some inspiration for your future diving trips. Just five to start with but feel free to get in touch with us as we have got plenty more!

Underwater Museum – Isla Mujeres, Mexico:

If you are after something different, this is the right spot for you. This initiative started in 2009 from a British artist specialising in underwater sculptures which over time develop into artificial coral reefs which will turn a traditional dive in crystal clear water into an excursion to an absolutely amazing underwater museum. Many people come back here every year to see how the coral has grown and how much those living sculptures have changed. Mexico also has bull sharks, whale sharks and humpback whales at the right time of year.

Manta Reef – Tofo, Mozambique:

There must be a Manta Reef in every country by now but the one in Mozambique - in Tofo to be precise - hosts the giant mantas! Different from the ones you can see in the Maldives for example, they are bigger, much bigger. This dive spot is getting more and more famous since the BBC movie "Queen of the Manta". Icing on the cake, there is a spot close by called Giant Castle hosting one of the rarest rays: the small eyed stingray. If you are a ray fanatic, head to Tofo!

Silver Bank – Between Turks & Caicos and Dominican Republic:

Many places in the world give you the opportunity to see the whales. One, only one, will give you the chance to snorkel with them. Every year between January and March, the humpback whales travel to the Silver Bank to mate, give birth and raise their offspring. Witnessing this is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. The T&C Aggressor II is one of the best boats for this but gets full very quickly so you better start planning… Weedy Sea Dragon

Weird creatures – Sydney, Australia:

In my opinion, there are a many species that are worth travelling far for. The weedy sea dragon and the wobbegong are definitely amongst them. Both of them can be found in a small beach in Manly, Australia. It is a great destination to combine good diving and city activities. Far indeed but well worth it!

Golf of Goubet – Djibouti:

You have already seen one whale shark in Thailand or in Ningaloo Reef. Maybe two or three in the Maldives. What about 10 at the same time? I personally stopped counting after 12. Between October and February they are just everywhere! There is also a spot called "La Faille" where you can dive in a crack between the African and the Arabian tectonic plates. Djibouti is a place full of secrets waiting to be discovered. Breathtaking!

Have you ever been to any of these places? If so please post a comment and tell us about your experience. Or if you fancy going, get in touch.