The more remote the dive site, the better the diving, right? Wrong. Or at least that's not always the case... There are some locations in the world where you can swim alongside turtles and sharks a few fin-kicks from the shore or enjoy a dawn dive on a World War II wreck within minutes of waking up. Our diving experts have scoured the planet's coastlines to find the best shore diving in the world, so if you are having problems finding your sea legs or like to enjoy a nap in a hammock after a dive, we can help tailor your perfect shore diving getaway to ensure you will have mesmerising dives just a stone's throw from the beach.

Gozo water

Shore Diving in Gozo

Gozo is one such destination. It is far enough from the UK to bask in a subtropical Mediterranean climate, yet close enough to reach as a long weekend break. With the chance of a relaxing shore dive in the morning and an afternoon stroll among UNESCO World Heritage Sites and ancient citadels on land, Gozo is a legendary destination above and below the surface. The myriad wrecks and underwater caverns, located just yards from the shore in the clear and calm waters of the Mediterranean's premier diving destination, seldom disappoint.

Shore Diving in Bonaire

If you're feeling the draw of more distant shores, the Caribbean island of Bonaire seems to be a constant at the top of Scuba Diving Magazine's annual poll to find the best shore diving in the world. The island is fringed with pristine reefs accessible from the shore, and you have the chance to explore one of the Caribbean's most popular wrecks-the 235-foot-long Hilma Hooker wreck-without having to step foot on a dive boat.

Bali clown fish

Shore Diving in Bali

If wrecks float your boat, one of the world's best-known wrecks sits a few yards from the beach at Tulamben in Bali. The USAT Liberty was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in January 1942 and now lies in the shadows of Mount Agung. Bali's northern shores are also famed for their critters and muck diving. Seraya Secrets and Secret Bay are perfect for macro photography - the combination of shallow water and shore entries allows photographers longer bottom times to get their camera settings just right for that perfect pygmy seahorse portrait.

Shore Diving in the Maldives

A glance down from the plane's window as you begin your descent will reveal golden specks haloed with turquoise and juxtaposed against the deeper royal-blue ocean. The shallow turquoise waters encircling the tiny Maldivian islands offer a haven for a profusion of tropical fish and colourful corals. The reef begins at the water's edge and the shallow coral gardens surrounding the Maldivian atolls are perfect for a relaxing shore dive in the company of turtles, rays and reef sharks.

red Frogfish

Shore Diving in Dauin & Dumaguete

Macro photographers and muck diving enthusiasts often cite Dumaguete and Dauin, in the Visayan region of the Philippines, as offering the best shore diving in the world for critter hunting. Frogfish and pygmy seahorses camouflage themselves against purple sponges and vivid red gorgonian fans, as mimic octopuses and spearing mantis shrimp peer out from their sandy lairs. The seemingly endless list of muck diving critters on show, coupled with luxurious living on land, puts Dumaguete and Dauin near the top of our list of favourite shore diving destinations.

Diving in Iceland

Shore Diving in Iceland

While there may be some debate as to whether Iceland can lay claim to the best shore diving in the world, it can unquestionably lay claim to some of the most unique shore diving on the planet. Where else can you dive between two continents? The cooler, glacial waters at Silfra Fissure mark the divide between the American and Eurasian continental plates, and we can help you get the timing right to pair a dive in this iconic location with whale watching or a trip to take in the Northern Lights. Iceland is unique, and you should find yourself ticking a few things of your bucket list after your trip...