Advanced Diving in Fiji

If you’re looking for an adventurous dive destination in a truly paradisiacal setting, then look no fur-ther than Fiji. Above water, volcanic landscapes and white-sand beaches characterize this island nation, while below water Fiji is famed for its vivid soft corals and shark-infused waters. When it comes to experiencing the more advanced diving in Fiji, the diversity of sharks in Beqa Lagoon, the currents surging through the Somosomo Strait and the bountiful Bligh Water can all sate your needs.

Bligh Water

The passage of water that lies between Fiji's two main islands - Viti Levu and Vanua Levu - is known as Bligh Water, in honour of Captain Bligh, who sailed through the area following the mutiny on his ship, the HMS Bounty. Large volumes of water flow through Bligh Water, creating some interesting currents for those looking to enjoy the more advanced diving in Fiji. The currents deliver nutrients to the passage, which in turn attract a wide variety of marine life and feed Fiji's impressively vibrant soft corals.

Clouds of colourful angelfish, anemonefish and anthias bring even more vibrancy to the reefs, while cryptic frogfish and ghost pipefish blend seamlessly into their chosen backgrounds. As with many other destinations, strong currents also attract the bigger fish, with silvertip, grey and whitetip reef sharks, as well as the occasional hammerhead.


Once labelled 'the soft coral capital of the world' by a certain French pioneer of diving - Jacques Cousteau - Fiji boasts some of the world's most intensely hued reefs. The aptly-named Rainbow Reefs in the Somosomo Strait are a particular highlight, boasting reefs festooned with soft corals.

The world-famous Great White Wall and Purple Wall sections are particularly beautiful, especially on an incoming tide just after the new moon. The bigger currents around these moon phases make the site best suited for those seeking out more advanced diving in Fiji. As mesmerising as the pristine coral-covered walls are, there are also plenty of bigger animals to keep an eye out for, with turtles, Napoleon wrasse, reef sharks and manta rays often cruising by in the blue...

Beqa Lagoon

Tigers to the left of you, bulls to the right, and here you are, stuck in the middle with your heart racing and your smile beaming. Perhaps the world's ultimate shark dive, Beqa Lagoon is a special place indeed. Bull sharks are joined by blacktip, whitetip and grey reef sharks, as well as silvertip sharks, tawny nurse sharks and sicklefin lemon sharks. Not forgetting the occasional tiger to complete the lagoon's Little Shark Book of usual suspects.

Above water, palm-fringed Beqa Island is a peaceful tropical haven. Yet below the surface of the surrounding lagoon lie hundreds of sets of teeth, waiting for the dinner-bell-like calling of a boat's engine. Beqa's Shark Encounter dives are legendary, and while the currents and depth of the dives don't push them into the category of the more advanced diving in Fiji, the close proximity to so many pointy teeth can make the dive a little daunting for the faint hearted.

Diving the more challenging sites that Fiji has to offer has been a highlight for our team of dive travel specialists over the years. They are on hand and happy to share their first-hand knowledge of the region to help you build your dream Fijian itinerary around the tide charts and moon phases to ensure you get to experience Fiji's soft corals and big fish in all their glory...

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