Advanced Diving in Mozambique

Boasting big currents, bigger fish and a colossal channel, Mozambique is a haven for advanced divers seeking supersized adventures. Most of Mozambique’s advanced sites can be found along the 3,000-metre-deep Mozambique Channel, which extends some 1,000 miles between Madagas-car and Mozambique. The channel may be big, but so are the creatures that pass through, with whale sharks, manta rays, and seasonal humpback whales commonly sighted. If you’re looking to enjoy advanced diving in Mozambique, both Tofo and the Bazaruto Archipelago – found along the channel – deliver, with an impressive selection of deep, current-swept dives among the shallower, more sedate sites.


Tofo may be a small coastal town, but it's a big dive destination thanks to the abundance of marine megafauna. While there are calm reef dives scattered along the coast, there's also plenty of opportunity to venture into deeper, current-swept waters. Specifically, to the north of Barra Lighthouse, a cluster of four dive sites house some of the most advanced diving in Mozambique.

Amazon, Office, Colosseum and Reggies dive sites are perfect for depth junkies looking for big fish. As the sites farthest from shore, they are also more prone to currents, and offer the chance to spot white-tipped reef sharks, grey reefs, black-tipped reef sharks and, if you're lucky, scalloped hammerheads. If you prefer your elasmobranchs to be less toothy, keep an eye in the blue for passing mantas and spotted eagle rays.

Bazaruto Archipelago

The luxurious and tranquil Bazaruto Archipelago comprises six islands characterized by white-sand beaches encircled by gin-clear, blue waters. But venture out to sea and deep pinnacles, interesting currents and fast-paced drifts await.

The best diving conditions can be experienced during the summer months, with visibility often exceeding 40 metres. This is also whale watching season, with humpbacks and southern right whales regularly seen cruising into the coastal areas. The Bazaruto Archipelago also offers the best advanced diving in Mozambique for sharks. Canyon Deep and Marlin Pinnacles are two deep sites, which, reaching a maximum depth of just over 30 metres, attract hammerheads, tiger and bull sharks.

If you like the thrill of fast currents, drift diving along the Two Mile Reef is a great way to wake up. The reef is characterized by ridges, overhangs and caves - some deeper than 30 metres - with silvertips and hammerheads (we told you it was sharky). Depending on the phase of the moon, the drifts can be pretty fast, so are best left to experienced divers who have logged dives in similar conditions.

Mozambique is a much-loved destination among our team of dive travel specialists, and they're on hand to help you put together your dream African adventure. With plenty of sharks, rays, and seasonal whales, the advanced diving in Mozambique may be challenging at times, but it's also rewarding. Whether you head to Tofo, Bazaruto, or both, big fish and big currents await...

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