Shore Diving in Bali

Simply put, Bali is a diver’s paradise, full of healthy coral reefs, mysterious wrecks and fascinating muck dives. Whether you’re looking to go shore diving in Bali as a beginner or an advanced diver, there are plenty of incredible dive sites just a stone’s throw from the beach. Our team has dived in Bali countless times, and, from our personal experience, here’s where we’d recommend to go shore diving in Bali:


Many of Bali's best dive sites are concentrated along the east coast, and Tulamben has several fantastic sites just off the shore.

One which you may be familiar with is the USAT Liberty Wreck, a former World War II Army Transport ship. The 384ft vessel is five metres below the water at its highest point, resting 30 metres deep at its lowest. At only 25 metres from the shore, it's one of our favourite sites for shore diving in Bali with fun swim-throughs, an abundance of wildlife and a variety of corals.

Nearby and even closer to the shore, you'll find Tulamben Coral Gardens, a shallow reef between three and 15 metres deep. This site is great for beginners and makes a great fun dive for advanced divers. Not only are there large table corals, colourful reef fish, and sponges, but the site is also home to several sunken Balinese statues.

Seraya Secrets

Seraya Secrets, just east of Tulamben, is actually home to three dive sites: Noisy Reef, Top Secrets and Deep Secrets. All are accessible straight from the beach, and usually divers will head to the 'Liberty Wreck' in the morning, then hit up one of the Seraya Secret spots in the afternoon.

Top Secrets is a great choice for muck site enthusiasts. The relatively steep black sand slope is renowned for its abundance of critters such as boxer crabs, tiger shrimp and harlequin shrimp.

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island, known for its pristine marine life, is a wonderful spot for shore diving in Bali. Located on Bali's northwest shore, the island is a part of Indonesia's oldest national park, with beautiful coral gardens and pelagic fishes.

One of our favourite dive sites on Menjangan is the POS II Ranger Station, which is easily accessed from the beach. It's a stunning wall dive, plunging down 40 metres, with soft and hard corals decorating the vertical wall, as well as giant gorgonian sea fans.

The action begins at the drop, five metres deep, and continues to the sea floor, making it a brilliant dive for mixed-ability groups. Expect to see great barracudas, reef sharks and a whole host of colourful reef fish.

There's no shortage of interesting sites for shore diving in Bali. We love the variety of sites that can be accessed from the shore, from muck sites to coral gardens to wrecks. If you're considering a diving holiday in Bali, our expert team can help you to put together a tailor-made itinerary for the perfect trip.

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