Coral Diving in Fiji

While we all have fond childhood memories of learning to sing a rainbow, a dive trip to Fiji, in the South Pa-cific, can furnish you with myriad memories of diving a rainbow. The aptly-named Rainbow Reef, the nutri-ent-rich currents of Bligh Water, and the shark-infused Beqa Lagoon are home to some of the best coral diving in Fiji, and the megafauna action is just as impressive. Soft corals of every shade and hue blanket the reefs and walls, and when the currents are running, they engorge with water-borne nutrients and dance in time with the ocean’s incessant surges. Fiji is known in diving circles as the ‘soft coral capital of the world,’ and it won’t take you long into your first dive to work out why...

Somosomo Strait

The narrow Somosomo Strait separates the island of Taveuni from Fiji's second-largest island, Vanua Levu, and is the home of some of the world's most spectacular soft corals, in an area known as the Rainbow Reef. At either end of the Somosomo Strait, the seabed drops away to the depths, which means that the currents are funnelled up and into the narrow channel, and they can get quite interesting at times...

But when the currents are at their most interesting, the soft corals are at their most spectacular. In terms of colours, Rainbow Reef offers the best coral diving in Fiji, with dive sites such as the Great White Wall and the Yellow Tunnel being must-dives. As enthralling as the gently swaying soft corals are, don't forget to glance out into the blue as you drift along the channel. You never know who's silently passing by...

Bligh Water

The expanse of water lying between Fiji's two main islands was once traversed in a seven-metre open launch with little besides a sextant and a quadrant to plot the course. While Captain Bligh was poorly equipped for his astonishing voyage following the infamous mutiny on the Bounty, plying these waters these days is more often done from the comfort of a luxury liveaboard. This makes it much easier to navigate between the currents and channels and find the best dive sites with the most impressive corals and marine life.

As the tides change and the moon begins pulling the ocean, vast quantities of water pass through Bligh Water, bringing nutrients and hungry predators with it. The islets and islands poking their noses above the water create channels, and currents can be strong. Some dives are strictly for the experienced diver, but there are also plenty of suitable dives that allow the less experienced diver to marvel at the colourful coral diving in Fiji. If you can tear your eyes away from the mesmerising colours, grey reef sharks or an occasional scalloped hammerhead may be lurking behind you.

Beqa Lagoon

The problem (if you can call it that) with the coral diving in Fiji is that sometimes big, pesky sharks get in the way and block your view. Beqa Lagoon may be best known for its signature Shark Adventure dive, but once you gently brush the black-tipped reef sharks, white-tipped reef sharks, grey reef sharks, silvertip sharks, tawny nurse sharks, sicklefin lemon sharks, bull sharks and the occasional tiger shark aside, a whole world of spectacularly coloured soft coral emerges.

The lagoon, protected by one of the largest barrier reefs in the world, covers more than 100 square miles and also houses wreck dives and swim-through caves alongside its abundant marine life. While daytime diving is spectacular, to see the beautiful coral in all its glory, a night dive is highly recommended. The night dives tend to be shallow, and your dive light will highlight the true colours of the corals.

Our team of dive travel specialists have dived extensively throughout the Fijian Islands and are available to advise you on the best locations for your intended travel dates. The coral diving in Fiji is among the best in the world, but there's much more to see besides arguably the world's most vibrant corals...

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