Deep Water Diving in Gozo

The Maltese Archipelago’s main claim to fame lies in its fascinating topside history. From the Phoenicians to the Carthaginians, the Romans to the Greeks and the Normans to Napoleon, these strategically located islands have seen Empires and rulers come and go throughout their storied history. But venture below the waves and this archipelago is equally enthralling. Specifically, Gozo, the northernmost of the three Maltese islands, has the best diving in the Mediterranean, especially when it comes to deep diving. In Gozo, superb visibility shines a spotlight on myriad swim-throughs, caves, tunnels and gulley's harbouring a huge array of marine life. As for surface intervals, the ancient Cittadella of Victoria, Neolithic Ġgantija temples and the cave in which the nymph Calypso imprisoned Homer’s hero, Odysseus, await.

Double Arch

Sitting at the northern end of Gozo, the Double Arch offers the perfect introduction to the island's unique topography and is ideal for those looking to experience deep water diving in Gozo. Though the name may serve as a spoiler of what awaits beneath the surface, nothing compares to witnessing the beauty of this site firsthand.

Accessed from shore or boat, divers will descend to the first arch at around 20 metres before dropping down to the second arch, which is located directly below at 36 metres. The rock formations make for great photography, and while exploring the arches, there are good chances of seeing large schools of barracuda and amberjacks.

Dwerja Bay

Dwerja Bay, on the island's western coast, was once home to the iconic Azure Window before it's unfortunate collapse several years ago. Despite this, the bay is just as picturesque and also a great launchpad to experience some of the best deep water diving in Gozo. From Dwerja Bay, you can dive two of Gozo's most famous dive sites: Inland Sea and the Blue Hole.

Inland Sea features an 80-metre-long tunnel leading to the vast expanse of the open ocean. Rays of light stream into the 25-metre-deep tunnel, providing excellent photography opportunities, while once in the open ocean, the fish-filled drop-off allows for deeper exploration. Adjacent to Inland Sea, the Blue Hole is positioned below where the Azure Window once stood. Here divers can explore its remnants, now known as the Azure Alps, before exploring the site's nearby swim-throughs and deeper areas.

MV Karwela Wreck

The MV Karwela ferry once shuttled 800 passengers at a time across the Maltese Archipelago's islands before being scuttled in 2006. This hulking wreck now rests on the seabed near its old inter-island route, flanked by two other wrecks. The MV Karwela's fame lies in its iconic and much-photographed central staircase, while experienced divers can penetrate its three decks.

Lying upright at 35 metres, the wreck also features an encrusted Volkswagen Beetle on its sun deck and is easily accessible from shore. The wreck lies a stone's throw from the Ta' Ċenċ Cliffs, and wreck diving aficionados looking to explore the best deep water diving in Gozo will be happy to hear that two other wrecks, MV Cominoland and MV Xlendi, rest a few fin kicks away.

Whether you're looking for a long-weekend break or want to experience the best of the Med, combining Gozo with Malta or Sardinia (or both), our team of dive travel experts are on hand to help curate your perfect holiday itinerary to discover the best deep water diving in Gozo.

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