Macro Diving in Australia

While you may want to keep your distance from some of Australia’s notorious creepy-crawlies while on land, once you descend below the waves, there are plenty of friendly critters to get up close and personal with. Forget about the black widows, funnel webs and venomous snakes; instead, focus on the stunning array of weird and wonderful critters on display when macro diving in Australia. From the ribbon eels on the Ribbon Reefs to the nudibranchs on Ningaloo, you will have ample opportunity to zoom in and snap some stunning macro pictures in the Land Down Under.

A trip to Australia involves a long flight from Europe, but the reward is the chance to dive UNESCO World Heritage reefs, take in some of the planet's best-loved tourist landmarks and explore the outback. Our team of dive and travel experts loves exploring this expansive land, and we can help put together your dream itinerary to ensure you make the most of your time down under.

While here, dive the world's largest barrier reef, the world's most southern coral reef and one of the world's best macro shore dives. And with both land-based and liveaboard options from which to enjoy the macro diving in Australia, the possibilities are endless...

Great Barrier Reef

The world's largest barrier reef system needs little introduction. The Cod Hole, the Ribbon Reefs and Lizard Island are some of the best areas to experience the Great Barrier Reef and will all give you the chance to spot plenty of macro critters hiding among the pristine corals. Frogfish, ribbon eels and a variety of nudis and shrimp will all vie for your attention. Stay on Lizard Island or venture north towards the Coral Sea via liveaboard for some of Australia's best macro diving.

Lord Howe Island

The Lord Howe Island Group is a World Heritage Site and home to the world's southernmost coral reef system. The island group is located at the convergence of five major ocean currents, including the warm East Australian Current, making the water rich in nutrients and the lagoons on the west side of Lord Howe Island a nursery for the larvae of tropical fish and corals carried here by the currents.

Ningaloo Reef

Famous for its whale shark aggregations in winter, Ningaloo and the surrounding area also provide some of the best opportunities for macro diving in Australia. The dive below Exmouth Navy Pier is vaunted as one of the best shore dives in the world, while the regular Ningaloo sites have awesome macro life, including nudibranchs, octopus, shrimp and leaf scorpionfish.

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