Wreck Diving Australia

Mention diving in Australia and undoubtedly the Great Barrier Reef will spring to mind. But dive a little deeper (sorry) and discover a trove of incredible wrecks.

While there are over 8,000 shipwrecks (and counting) around Australia, the most famous is the SS Yongala wreck, a luxury passenger ship that met its demise in 1911 off the coast of Queensland. The wreck was only discovered in 1958 and has since flourished into an artificial reef, carpeted in corals and housing a wealth of marine life, from juvenile shoals of colourful reef fish to turtles, sharks and moray eels. Aside from diving the SS Yolanga, the Lady Bowen is also well worth an explore. The schooner sunk on Kennedy Shoal, off the coast of Mission Beach, in 1894 and has since been carpeted in hard and soft corals. Needless to say, wreck diving in Australia has plenty to offer for both marine life aficionados and wreck diving enthusiasts alike.

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