Top Ten Liveaboard Diving Holidays

We could be here forever talking about the benefits of liveaboard diving but with the endless opportunities to voyage into the deep blue and so many different marine environments to explore, it can be hard to decipher the best places to find your sea legs. It might be that ticking off the world’s best dive sites tops your agenda or wonderfully off grid dive sites float your boat – whatever it is that you are after, discover the top ten liveaboard diving holidays that are perfect for slipping into a delicious routine of eat, sleep, dive, repeat.
1. Liveaboard Diving in Indonesia

Located smack bang in the middle of the Coral Triangle and spanning a whopping 735,358 square miles, Indonesia's hugely diverse marine environment makes it one of the most popular destinations for liveaboard diving. From blue whales and hammerheads in the Banda Sea to the colourful corals of Raja Ampat and Komodo, the waters of Indonesia have something for everyone.

2. Liveaboard Diving in the Solomon Islands

Scattered across the far eastern corners of the Coral Triangle, the only way to really explore the Soloman Islands is by liveaboard - and they won't disappoint. The Solomon Islands have some of the least visited, yet most beautiful, reefs in the region with some fascinating WW2 wrecks to boot.

3. Liveaboard Diving in Papua New Guinea

Another contender from the Coral Triangle, Papua New Guinea's reefs live up to their location, with the bonus of incredible visibility (think 40+ metres). Set sail to the most remote places aboard MV Oceania, where it's likely that you will have the sites all to yourself.

4. Liveaboard Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt

WW2 wrecks, pristine reefs, friendly dolphins and great marine life... just a few of the perks of diving in the Red Sea. The liveaboards plying the region offer both northern and southern Red Sea itineraries, allowing you the choice between two very different marine environments according to your interests. Check out our liveaboard diving in Egypt collection to see which one suits your interests.

5. Liveaboard Diving in the Maldives

Why stick to one atoll when you could navigate several? While there are several liveaboards that cruise the different atolls of the Maldives, if you are after a real exploratory adventure, venture to the remote deep south of the Maldives. Climb aboard the Four Seasons Explorer for some of the best shark diving in the archipelago.

6. Liveaboard Diving in Palau

The island nation of Palau is a smorgasbord of epic big animal diving, WW2 wrecks, caves, caverns, pristine reefs and even a jellyfish filled lake. While there are diving resorts scattered across the islands to explore the best sites, such as German Channel and Blue Corner, a liveaboard is by far the best option.

7. Liveaboard Diving in Micronesia

Only reachable by liveaboard, Micronesia's Chuuk Lagoon has the best WW2 wreck diving in the world. At the site of the infamous US airstrike "Operation Hailstone" there are over 50 Japanese wrecks resting on the seabed, providing an eerie insight into the past. Covered in corals, these wrecks harbour all manner of marine life, including macro critters, moray eels and zebra sharks.

8. Liveaboard Diving in Mexico

Socorro, Mexico's answer to the Galapagos, is home to some of the best big animal diving in the world. Aside from spotting ten species of shark (from fevers of scalloped hammerheads to tiger sharks), divers can see inquisitive bottlenose dolphins, manta rays and even humpback whales. Located 250 miles south of Baja California, the only way to reach these remote waters is by liveaboard - trust us, it's worth it.

9. Liveaboard Diving in Costa Rica

For the best hammerhead encounters in the world, hop aboard a liveaboard to Cocos Island. Flung 340 miles offshore from Costa Rica, in the Pacific Ocean, this remote island attracts scalloped hammerheads in their hundreds. There is nothing quite like seeing the silhouettes of these oddly-shaped shark beauties against the ocean's surface.

10. Liveaboard Diving in the Galapagos

For the crème de la crème of liveaboard diving experiences, cruise to the remote Darwin and Wolf islands, which host just about every bucket list marine creature out there, from humungous pregnant whale sharks to manta rays, hammerheads and sharks galore. Across the archipelago, you can also spot some of the more unusual endemic species, including rosy-lipped batfish and marine iguanas.

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