Seraya Secrets

Seraya Secrets is a stone's throw from Tulamben, a remote coastal village in East Bali renowned as the home of the USAT Liberty wreck. While most people visit the area for the spectacular wreck dive, recently nearby Seraya Secrets has been gaining some clout as a fantastic macro and muck site.

At a glance, diving Seraya Secrets may not seem as glamorous as some of Bali's other dive sites, however, a closer look reveals myriad weird and wonderful creatures hidden away on the steep black-sand slope.

Seraya Secrets comprises three dive sites easily accessed from the shore: Top Secrets, Noisy Reef and Deep Secrets. Top Secrets is a fantastic choice for muck enthusiasts, noted for frogfish and mimic octopus sightings. For something a little more lively, Noisy Reef has some good hard coral cover in the shallower sections, whereas lucky divers at Deep Secrets might chance upon some large pelagics.

If diving Seraya Secrets seems like the perfect addition to your next holiday in Bali, our Original Diving team can help craft a custom itinerary to suit your needs.

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