Wreck Diving in Bali

An island paradise like no other, many divers overlook Bali in favour of Indonesia’s more renowned dive sites, but we think that would be a mistake. Underneath the water, Bali has plenty to offer, from vibrant reefs to eerie muck sites. Moreover, wreck diving in Bali is fantastic, with some of the best sites in the country. From old World War II ships to purposely sunk ‘artificial reefs’, Bali has plenty of wrecks to choose from. We’ve rounded up our top picks below…

USAT Liberty Wreck, Tulamben

When it comes to wreck diving in Bali, the USAT Liberty Wreck is iconic. Roughly 25 metres from the shore, the former World War II US Army Transport ship sits five metres below the water at its highest point and around 30 metres deep at its lowest point. It's a great wreck for mixed-ability groups, as new divers can explore it from shallower depths, whereas advanced divers can swim through the cargo hold and explore within.

The 384ft vessel is mostly covered in soft corals, and in the shallows, it's not uncommon for divers to encounter turtles, nudibranchs and even pygmy seahorses. The wreck is host to a variety of small reef fish seeking shelter from predators, as well as larger fish such as jacks, great barracuda and the occasional seasonal sunfish (July-September).

'Japanese Wreck', Amed

A little further down the coast, the 'Japanese Wreck' in Amed is another fantastic wreck dive. Although not much is known about the vessel's past, the 66ft long boat seems to be a Japanese tug boat.

Lying between six and 12 metres, it may seem as if this is a great choice for beginners wreck diving in Bali, however, the area's sandy silty bottom means good buoyancy is needed to leave the seafloor undisturbed.

On the wreck itself, you'll find large gorgonian fans and sponges, as well as a variety of reef fish and even pygmy seahorses. Continue on to the right along the sloping sand bank and you'll discover several bommies at around 12 metres. To the left, there are opportunities for some macro photography, with nudibranchs, gobies and once again, pygmy seahorses.

'Boga Wreck' Kubu

Just north of Tulamben lies the 'Boga' or 'Kubu Wreck'. Compared to the other wrecks, it's a relatively new site, having only sunk in 2012. The 131ft Dutch-built cargo ship lies between 16 and 39 metres, making it best for advanced divers.

Entry is from the shore, and along the descent, you'll see creatures such as lobsters, nudibranchs and octopus among the corals. This newly-established ship hasn't yet been encrusted by corals, but it's still great fun to explore, with a steering wheel, a VW car, a propeller and plenty of fish.

We're confident that if you choose to go wreck diving in Bali you'll have a fantastic time exploring the island's underwater and above-land attractions. Our team are seasoned Bali experts, and so can create the perfect itinerary for your next trip.

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