Bite-Back Shark and Marine Conservation We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with charity, Bite-Back, to try and help the cause of shark and marine conservation. Every time someone books with us, we will be donating an amount to the charity; and if people want to donate more, we will match their donation (within reason of course or we'd go bankrupt!).

Bite-Back Shark Conservation

Bite-Back is an energetic, innovative and pioneering shark and marine conservation charity with a clear focus and a 'let's get things done' attitude.

Bite-Back campaigns relentlessly for the protection of sharks and other vulnerable fish, capturing the imagination of the media and celebrity supporters along the way. Its campaigns have been shaped by the fact that over-fishing is the single biggest threat facing the marine environment and that over-consumption is the root cause. The biggest campaign victories have been achieved simply because everyday people have taken part in its online campaigns or turned out at events or simply made a donation.

We are immensely proud to be working with such an incredible charity and we hope we will be able to provide much support in the months and years to come.