Multicultural and ever-changing, Miami is home to a convergence of distinct worlds - art and architecture with a diverse foodie scene and Latin culture - that makes this frenetic city truly unique. Miami's close proximity to the Caribbean also means you can throw yourself in the buzz of one of America's most cultural and creative cities before finding yourself gloriously castaway in a paradise where white sand meets azure waters. And for the ultimate city and diving combo, the Bahamas is hard to beat. This sea-swept archipelago is both a shark sanctuary and home to the world's third-largest barrier reef, with some of the best diving in the Caribbean. Here's how you can savour the best of both worlds on a Miami and Bahamas combo holiday…


Welcome to Miami

On the surface, Miami is a heady mix of glamour, sun, sand and surf, but branch away from SoBe (South Beach) and you'll discover The Magic City is as diverse as its population. From art-deco architecture and the Art Basel - one of the biggest art fairs in the world - Miami has gained an international reputation for its contemporary art scene. Miami's hipster neighbourhoods, Wynwood and the Design District, are the places to go to see tapestries of street art combined with eclectic art galleries. The Deco Historic District, with its fabulous art deco buildings, is also well worth a stroll - if not just to cast your eyes on the former 'palace' of Gianni Versace.

Little Havana Cuban Cafe

Miami For Foodies

Miami is a city that embraces foodies, offering a diverse culinary scene ranging from street eats to fine dining. While the city hosts myriad restaurants catering to every taste, sampling the splendours of Little Havana, Miami's Cuban enclave, is a must. As the heart of Miami's Latino community, you'll find walk-up windows selling café con leche, hearty comfort meals (Sanguich de Miami's Cuban sandwich might be the best sandwich in the world), salsa music and cigars.

Everglades Airboat

The Everglades

Away from the bustle of the city, the Everglades is a huge natural reserve housing some of Florida's more famous residents: alligators. Take an airboat ride through the creeks and swamps, keeping your eyes peeled for alligators basking in the sun, as well as dolphins, banded water snakes and Roseate Spoonbill birds.


Bahamas Island Hopping

Just a short flight from Miami, the Bahamas' 700 sand-fringed islands and cays, scattered between Florida's eastern coast and the Atlantic Ocean, provide a startling contrast to Miami's hustle and bustle. From white sand beaches and vast mangroves to wildlife-stuffed reefs and blue holes, the Bahamas is the epitome of paradise. Each island bears its own unique identity, especially when it comes to diving, and island hopping across the archipelago will allow you to experience the true depth of the Bahamas' beauty.

plane wreck in the Bahamas

New Providence

While the nation's capital city of Nassau, located on the island of New Providence, might feel just as busy as Miami, the underwater attractions are a world apart. Attracting everyone from Will Smith to 00 agents, New Providence is home to two James Bond film-set dives and one of the world's most famous shark dives. Since their glory days as film props, both the Tears of Allah and Volcan bomber wrecks, known collectively as the James Bond wrecks, have become a haven for marine life, ranging from barracuda to tropical reef fish and even the occasional reef shark. But for a real sharky experience, sign up for the Shark Adventure Dive for the chance to see upwards of 30 Caribbean reef sharks feasting on fish kebabs from a chainmail-clad shark feeder.

snorkellers with fish

Andros Island

Andros Island sits next to the 190-mile-long Andros Barrier Reef, the world's third largest barrier reef, and the 'Tongue of the Ocean,' a 2,000-metre-deep canyon, offering some of the best diving in the Caribbean. There's a huge variety of dives catering to every interest, ranging from coral gardens, reefs and wrecks to caves, caverns and blue holes. Travelling with a non-diver? Small Hope Bay offers a complimentary DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) course for those interested in dipping their fins in. Despite being the largest island in the Bahamas, Andros is still virtually untouched, with lush forests harbouring exotic birds, mangrove networks and inland blue holes.

Hammerhead Shark

Shark Diving

For divers, one of the main draws to the Bahamas lies in its one-of-a-kind shark encounters. Depending on which sharks you want to encounter, a bit of forward planning goes along way. Visit Bimini between January and April for the chance to see the usually elusive great hammerhead shark cruising the shallow seabed. Over on Grand Bahama Island, the aptly named Tiger Beach attracts ginormous tiger sharks to its crystal-clear waters between October and May, while oceanic whitetip sharks can be seen in the deep blue off Cat Island from March until June.

Interested in a Miami and Bahamas combo? Whether you want to combine Miami with island hopping in the Bahamas, or prefer to stick to one island, get in touch with our diving experts and start planning your next diving adventure...