Beginner Diving in Egypt

As a resident of the UK or of other northern European countries, you may have been thinking about learning to dive, but childhood memories of dipping your toes in the icy English Channel may be putting you off. Fear not—a short five-hour flight from the UK can transform the cold English seas into the warm, clear and inviting waters of the Red Sea. Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera boasts year-round sunshine and an ocean filled with colourful marine life waiting to be discovered by first-time and newly-certified divers.

The Red Sea is much vaunted as the best diving area close to Europe, and with good reason. The gin-clear water is nice and warm, and the skies are seldom any colour besides blue. While the Red Sea is a firm favourite among seasoned divers, the beginner diving in Egypt is just as impressive. Clouds of colourful anthias dart to and fro above the reefs, as octopus, clownfish and moray eels peer out from the corals' protective nooks and crannies. With very little current, superb visibility and miles of uninterrupted reefs, the beginner diving in Egypt is among the best in the world. Factor in a rain-free climate, a rich and intriguing history and a delicious cuisine, and you have a fantastic setting to enjoy a holiday and to learn to dive.

Newly certified divers can improve their skills and knowledge while diving a vibrant reef teeming with life, while the hotel's house reef provides the perfect environment for your first breaths below the surface. We love the relaxing beginner diving in Egypt as much as we love the more advanced sites, and Hurghada has the perfect mix of dive sites to suit all. With stunning house reefs, dolphin dives and wreck dives, Hurghada is a great place to start your scuba diving odyssey.

Allow us to tailor your perfect beginner diving holiday in Egypt, combining the country's rich history with its magical reefs. Explore the Great Pyramids in Cairo, cruise the Nile by steamship, and dive Hurghada's healthy reefs to enjoy the perfect balance of culture, luxury and nature.

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