Shore Diving in Egypt

A short hop across the Mediterranean Sea is all it takes to reach the gin-clear waters of the Red Sea Riviera. While Egypt’s antiquities have enthralled Europeans for centuries, its diving has offered another stellar reason to venture to its shores in more recent times. And with healthy reefs accessible as shore dives, Egypt is the perfect destination to blend history and culture with world-class diving.

For a holiday to remember, take in the Pyramids in Cairo, cruise the Nile by steamship, and then enjoy some of the epic shore diving Egypt has to offer. Our team can put together the perfect itinerary to ensure you don't miss any of Egypt's many highlights: Tutankhamun's tomb, the Great Sphinx of Giza, the Valley of the Kings, and shore dives with dolphins and dugongs in the Red Sea.

Underwater, Egypt offers arguably the best diving close to Europe, and some of this excellent diving is mere fin kicks from the shoreline. The barren ochre landscape, sandwiched between the clear blue sky and the calm blue ocean, offers a stark contrast to the bountiful reefs. The sunlit shallows teem with brightly coloured anthias; turtles saunter between coral bommies; and dolphins dart between divers.

For some unforgettable shore diving in Egypt, head to Hurghada. Luxurious hotels with healthy house reefs, and the chance to dive with dolphins and dugongs, ensure Hurghada remains a firm favourite of ours. This once small fishing village has blossomed into a major tourist town, and its year-round sunshine and stunning reefs will have you hooked in no time.

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