Drift Diving in Mexico

When it comes to drift diving in Mexico, there’s nowhere better than Cozumel Island, just off the Yucatan Peninsula. The island lies right in the path of the Yucatan Current, splitting the current in two, with water flowing east towards the Caribbean Sea and west through the Cozumel Channel. Although the currents around Cozumel Island can be strong, there are a range of drift dives scattered around the island, a few of which are suitable for novice drift divers. Here are some of our favourite drift dives around Cozumel Island:

Punta Tunich

Punta Tunich is one of our top choices for experienced divers drift diving in Mexico. The site is renowned for its strong and turbulent currents, so divers should keep a close eye on their depth gauge. It's a beautiful wall dive that begins on a flat sandy area leading to a vertical drop-off. Along the top of the wall, between 18-21 metres, divers can spot the weird and wacky Cozumel toadfish hiding within the reef, as well as larger barracuda and eagle rays swimming nearby. Divers may also spot patrolling nurse sharks out in the blue if they're lucky.

Paso Del Cedral

For keen underwater photographers, Paso Del Cadral is not to be missed. It's one of the best sites for drift diving in Mexico, with moderate to strong currents, fun swim throughs and scenic overheads. It's a shallow drift dive, with a depth of between six and 18 metres, suitable for intermediate divers. There's an abundance of fish throughout the dive, including large black groupers and parrotfish, and large schools of snappers, grunts and porkfish. Turtle and nurse shark sightings are also relatively common.

Barracuda Reef

Barracuda Reef is the ultimate drift dive to conquer in Mexico. The extremely strong and unpredictable currents mean that special authorisation is required to dive in this spot, however expert divers will be rewarded with sightings of eagle rays, nurse sharks, turtles and large schools of barracudas and jacks.

Paradise Reef

Lastly, we recommend Paradise Reef as it is perfect for beginners looking to go drift diving in Mexico. With a depth between nine and 12 metres, this shallow dive site has mild currents and is also a popular night dive. During the day, divers drift by schools of colourful reef fish, snappers and grunts. However, once the sun sets, there are lobsters, octopuses and king crabs in the area.

Cozumel Island is synonymous with drift diving in Mexico, and there are a range of dive sites to discover. Whether you're new to drift diving or a seasoned expert, our team can help you put together your dream itinerary for your next diving holiday.

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