Top Ten Dive Resorts for Solo Diving Holidays

Travelling alone but still want to dive? Fear not, you’re not alone. Diving is one of the best pursuits for solo travellers (and the best in general, if we’re being pernickety). While liveaboards and expert-led tours have traditionally been the favoured route for single divers, dive resorts are increasingly catering for intrepid explorers flying solo. From keeping the costs down by waiving single supplements to offering special dive packages and everything in between, discover the best resorts for single divers...
1. Small Hope Bay: Andros, The Bahamas

There's a reason divers continue to migrate to Small Hope Bay again and again. Built in 1960 by Dick Birch, the family-owned resort spans four generations, which has enabled the resort to retain a friendly, homely atmosphere (right down to the nightly awards ceremony... we won't give it away). The resort is completely all-inclusive - be it the diving, food and even alcohol - while all meals are served together so guests can truly make themselves at home, making new friends and experiencing some of the Bahamas best diving in the process.

2. Kalimaya Dive Resort: East Sumbawa, Indonesia

If you're an experienced diver looking to get off the grid with like-minded divers, Kalimaya Dive Resort is just the ticket. The intimate resort offers twin cabins which can be shared à la liveaboards, allowing solo divers to avoid being dumped with a single supplement as well as making a new dive buddy - ideal as there is unlimited complimentary diving on the house reef. Meals are served communally on one large family-style table and with only ten bungalows guests will have ample opportunity to become well acquainted with fellow divers.

3. Mafia Island Lodge: Tanzania

Located on the shores of Chole Bay, Mafia Island Lodge is smack bang in the middle of Mafia Island Marine Park with some of the region's best diving accessible straight from the shores (think: epic macro diving at Nudi City and Frogfish Town, beautiful coral gardens and sharks galore). Visit at the right time of year and the lodge also waives single supplements - so there really isn't an excuse not to go if you ask us.

4. Ocean Vida: Malapascua, The Philippines

Located off the northern tip of Cebu, Malapascua is a hub for divers wanting to see one of the ocean's most elusive predators: the thresher shark. While the entire island has a friendly, relaxed vibe Ocean Vida is easily the best resort for solo travellers. Located on the island's best beach, conveniently a few sandy footsteps from the island's best dive centre, diving couldn't be easier. In the evenings, the resort's relaxed beach club becomes a popular hangout (especially during happy hour) so solo travellers will never be short of socialising.

5. Aiyanar: Anilao, The Philippines

One for dive photographers, Aiyanar has all the best mod cons for getting the perfect shot; handy, as the resort lies on the shores of Anilao, aka the muck diver's dream. There are four divemasters who will often head out one-on-one with photographers to find the most sought-after critters and help get that perfect shot - think juvenile flamboyant cuttlefish, ornate ghost pipefish, glass shrimp, sexy shrimp, juvenile scorpion fish, lemon gobies, pipe horse, coconut octopus, white wrasse juvenile, mantis shrimp, skeleton shrimp... the list goes on.

6. Walindi Plantation Resort: Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea

Located in the shadow of an active volcano and cloaked in tropical rainforest, the waterfront Walindi Plantation Resort regularly tops lists if the world's best diving resorts, and for good reason. Some of the best diving in the Coral Triangle is located on the doorstep of this resort, and with only 12 bungalows, communal diving and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, solo travellers are in for a real treat.

7. Siladen Resort & Spa: Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia

A relaxed atmosphere, great company, friendly staff and delicious food all provide the perfect backdrop to the epic diving off Siladen Resort & Spa. Located smack bang in the middle of Bunaken National Marine Park, shared dive boats head out daily to explore the surrounding kaleidoscopic coral reefs, providing ample opportunity to bond with dive buddies, while there is also the option of communal dining back at the resort so solo travellers can regale their adventures over a feast - we did say the food is delicious, after all.

8. Paradise Taveuni: Fiji

You've no doubt heard of Fiji's legendary soft coral diving, and Paradise Tavenuni is located conveniently close to the crème de la crème of soft coral dive sites along the Somosomo Strait. Shared dive boats mean solo travellers are never short of a dive buddy, handy as it is the only resort in Taveuni to offer complimentary shore diving, so guests can continue to dive with their new buddies to their heart's content.

9. Komandoo: The Maldives

More often than not associated with honeymooners, solo travellers shouldn't be quick to dismiss the Maldives from their list - especially when considering Komandoo. Located in the northernly Maldives, Komandoo is literally surrounded by epic dive sites - with new ones still being discovered - so much so that you'll be hankering to spend more time beneath the waves than above. But if you do opt for a dry day, the island's beaches are some of the finest we've laid eyes upon.

10. Turneffe Island Resort: Belize

The closest resort to Belize's fabled Great Blue Hole, Turneffe Island Resort is the perfect option for solo divers wanting to tick off the bucket list. The island is popular with divers, so much so that the resort offers special diving packages, which include up to three dives a day, a night dive and, on Tuesdays, a day trip to sites further afield including Half Moon Caye, Long Caye and, of course, the Great Blue Hole; ensuring there's never the risk of diving alone.

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