If 'Before Sunrise', 'Lost in Translation' and 'Casablanca' have taught us anything, it's that all great romances happen abroad. And it's no coincidence that most of the best dive destinations are in some of the most beautiful corners of the world. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, wanting to escape the norm or simply want to take your other half by surprise, we can combine drop-dead gorgeous diving and the most lovely lodgings.

Manta Resort Underwater Room Tanzania


With over 320 species of coral, vibrant reefs and dramatic drops-offs, Chloe Bay is home to some of East Africa's best diving (with virtually guaranteed whale sharks from October to March), all best accessed from luxury eco-lodge Pole Pole. Combine this with a stay at the Manta Resort (and its underwater room) in Pemba and you're on to a winner.

Soft coral reef, Fiji


Hailed as the soft coral capital of the world, diving Fiji's pristine reefs will see you descend into a kaleidoscope of colour teeming with marine life. Combine Qamea Resort & Spa and Royal Davui Island Resort to experience the best dive sites (think: White Wall, Rainbow Reef, Yellow Wall and an exhilarating shark dive - read about Original Diver Amy's experience here).

School of jack fish, Philippines


Enveloped by lush tropical jungle on the Filipino island of Bohol, Amun Ini is a little slice of paradise located in the Coral Triangle. With 33 dives sites close by home to everything from weird and wonderful macro critters to pelagic species, diving the surrounding waters is a real treat. Above water the eye-catching Chocolate Hills and wide-eyed (and adorable) tarsiers await.

Sunset in Lombok


Revel in romance in Indonesia, combining the verdant hills and rice paddies of Ubud with the utterly remote East Bali, diving straight from the coastline or taking a day trip to Padang Bai in search of the elusive Mola Mola (between July and October) before heading to Lombok's laid-back beaches, pristine Gili Islands and thriving marine life.

Scubaspa liveaboard, Maldives


White beaches, turquoise lagoons and mantas year-round, the Maldives has it all. Hop aboard the luxurious Scubaspa and pass through several atolls, spending each day dipping into a different lagoon to spot whale sharks, manta rays and more, with surface intervals spent unwinding in the spa or marooned on deserted sandbanks.

Shark diving, French Polynesia

French Polynesia

An archipelago of volcanic islands scattered across the South Pacific, French Polynesia has long tempted wondrous romantic escapades. And rightly so. The Tiputa Pass in Rangiroa has some of the world's best shark encounters while in Tikehau dive the Old Pearl Farm manta cleaning station before spotting lemon sharks, leopard rays and more in Bora Bora.

coral reef diving Alphonse


Untamed and devastatingly beautiful, Alphonse is an island where white sandy beaches are separated by towering boulders and thick tropical vegetation. Located 400 kilometres south of the Seychelles, this remote archipelago is home to healthy coral reefs and abundant marine life (hammerheads, mantas, spinner dolphins, sailfish, you name it). And with new dive sites still being discovered, this is an exploration adventure into uncharted waters.