At Dive in Style, we spend our lives researching exciting and new dive destinations so you don't have to. We will soon be launching a new website with lots of new dive trips but here's a taster of what's to come. These trips are perfect whether you want to dive, snorkel, or just relax.

Papua New Guinea Highlands

Mountains and Reefs in Papua New Guinea

Mention that you are planning a trip to Papua New Guinea and you will likely be met either with a blank stare followed by the question, "is that in Africa?" or warnings about marauding cannibals. This is truly one of the least explored parts of the world; invest the effort in getting there however and you are in for a treat. Not only is it home to some of the world's best diving, but the fascinating culture found in the interior of the country is worth the trip alone.

Turtle Swimming Underwater, Oman

Private Dive Safari in Oman

Still an unspoilt gem in the Middle East away from the crowds that flock to the Red Sea. Stunning desert scenery and a coastline that is home to some fascinating diving. How about a completely private desert and diving safari onboard your own private yacht and private tented camps that redefine the meaning of the world camping? This is a completely unique way to see the country.

Apo Island, Philippines

Private Island Luxury in the Philippines

Traditionally, the Philippines is not thought of as a luxury destination. It used to be that if you wanted to dive the best spots in the country that you had to make do with a fairly average resort. Well this is no more. The very best hotel to stay at is the stylish Amanpulo on the island of Pamalican. And if you want something completely different, the brand new private island of Ariara in Palawan offers small groups the opportunity to enjoy their own little slice of paradise.

Banded Coral Shrimp, Bali, Indonesia

Remote Eastern Indonesia

While there remains a lot for travellers to explore in better known parts of the Indonesian Archipelago such as Bali and Lombok; for divers and those in search of real adventure, it is to the east that all of the action is to be found. From luxury liveaboard dive adventures in search of the dragons and manta rays of Komodo National Park to the far eastern reaches of the country around Sulawesi and West Papua, this is one of the foremost diving regions in the world and is still relatively untouched by tourism.

Harbour Island Beach, Bahamas

The Secret Bahamas

Think of the Bahamas and normally visions of high rise American style hotels come to mind. Look a little deeper however and you can find some real gems. To prove it, we sent our company founder there last month and he came back having found what he claims to be the best all-round resort in the Caribbean (and this from a man who has been travelling there for years). It's called Fowl Cay and consists of just six villas. What's more, you get a private speedboat for the duration of your stay which you can use to explore the incredible diving and snorkelling that awaits in the waters around the resort. Interested in any of these new dive destinations? Then get in touch and we can tell you more!