Summer diving, this time in Komodo in Indonesia. Stunning. With weather in the UK in summer unpredictable at best and England out of the World Cup, it's about time to escape on a last minute summer diving adventure. Here are a few ideas to inspire!

Inside a Shipwreck in Gozo


Gozo is a great place to escape to in the summer for those in need of something a little different from the traditional summer holiday. With the chance to dive and explore some of the dramatic wartime wrecks, reefs and stunning underwater scenery, and the particularly clear and calm waters at this time of year, it makes the perfect location for a spot of diving in the summer months. A lovely little place to stay is Hotel Ta' Cenc. Nestled in the beautiful Gozo coastline, boasting its own picturesque rocky beach, enticing eateries and friendly service, the hotel is a real winner.

Blue Shark, Azores


Diving in Azores offers world class marine life in a location that hardly anyone knows about, so it is the perfect place to explore the secluded waters. The great thing about diving here in the summer is that you can dive the offshore sites, which are only accessible at this time of year and are what makes the diving so fantastic. With the opportunity to see manta rays; blue sharks; the occasional mako and even whale sharks and hammerheads, Azores is a must in your summer diving diary. We are big fans of Hotel Caloura on Sao Miguel. With stunning panoramic views of the coastline and its own dive centre it is a lovely little spot. Away from the city bustle, the hotel was specially designed so that each room has a magnificent view out to sea from their private balcony. Located in the island's best microclimate zone it provides a great getaway for those diving enthusiasts wanting to escape over the summer to somewhere with brilliant dive sites and a stunningly situated hotel. If you are heading to the other islands, we have favourites there too!

Fire Coral, Komodo, Indonesia


Komodo feels like Bali did 15 years ago, a laid back vibe with incredible diving. The summer months are the best time to visit for diving when the waters tend to be calmer and a slight wind makes the days very pleasant and the nights slightly cool. In terms of the diving there is a lot to see: a great variety of fish, pristine coral reefs, reef sharks and all manner of critters. This is up there with the very best all-round diving you will find anywhere on this Earth. The best way to dive Komodo is on a liveaboard diving boat and there are a few to choose from. If you want the absolute pinnacle then a private charter onboard Silolona or Si Datu Bua is hard to beat. They're expensive though and there are a number of less expensive but still wonderful boats available such as Dewi Nusantara, the Seven Seas and Tiger Blue. So you're spoiled for choice!

Whale Shark Feeding


There is so much to recommend in Mozambique that it is hard to know where to start. Whale sharks and manta rays of Tofo in southern Mozambique, beautiful beaches and reefs in the Bazaruto Archipelago…but our favourite is the Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique. Here you have stunning diving, in particular Neptune's Arm (read Neill's blog about this dive) where from August you get large numbers of grey reef sharks. Add to this that between June and October you get the whales as they migrate up Africa's east coast to warmer waters to mate and give birth. It's a spectacular sight to see them breaching (jumping) and lob-tailing (slapping tail on the surface) across the ocean. Our favourite place to stay, and the only place from which you can dive Neptune's Arm, is Vamizi Island Lodge. It's a wonderfully remote place and one of Africa's best coastal lodges. Or how about a private liveaboard charter in the area? We are hoping to become one of the only companies offering those…

Diving in Fiji


The South Pacific in general is wonderful in our summer when there is much less rain and lovely temperatures. One of our favourite spots in that part of the world is Fiji. This country is known for being the 'the soft coral capital of the world,' and this colourful underwater world is best seen in Fiji's winter months - June to the beginning of September, when the water cools and plankton reduces giving fabulous visibility for you to see the impressive myriad of corals. There are so many wonderful dive areas and superb places to stay in each. Exactly where you go depends on what you want to do and what you want to spend. Our favourites are Taveuni where you could stay at Laucala (if you want the very best) or somewhere like the lovely Taveuni Island Resort; Bligh Water where you have the stunning Wakaya Club; Vanua Levu where the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is a winner for families; or how about Beqa Lagoon where you can stay at Royal Davui and complete the world-famous shark dive? So many options!

Have you been to any of these spots? If so, please share your stories. If you want to go, we can help so get in touch.