With a brilliant start to 2014 we thought it was time to update you on our diving news, both on how we got on last year with the new places we visited and our hopes for an exciting 2014.

Notes on 2013

It was a busy year for us last year and we discovered some really incredible spots on our travels (without wanting to sound too smug)! I managed to get out to the Bahamas to dive with the hammerheads in Bimini, as well as tiger sharks off Grand Bahama and visited other islands such as Andros, the Abacos and Harbour Island. For shark lovers, the Bahamas has got to be one of the best destinations on earth. I also did some exploring in Bali and South Lombok which has some really great diving on offer and I think Bali is quite underrated, whilst south Lombok is hugely underdeveloped and pristine so great potential for people looking for remote and unspoilt places. Neill made it to Tanzania and Mozambique on an amazing trip of white sandy beaches and world-class dive spots. He headed out to Neptune's arm and confirms that it really is one of the best dive sites in the world. Plus the best beach he has ever seen on the island of Mnemba, just off Tanzania. Finally, company founder Tim managed the trip of a lifetime in Raja Ampat on Si Datu Bua. In his own words 'the very peak of Dive in Style experiences'.

Hopes for 2014

Just like we do at the beginning of every year, we sat down in a room with a map and pin pointed the destinations we want to expand on. As always the list was enormous (and unachievable in a year!) but some of the priorities include a trip out to the Philippines for me to delve deeper into the diving on offer including the wrecks of Coron and thresher sharks of Malapascua, Neill is heading out to Komodo to experience the diving and stunning landscape from a liveaboard and our newest team member, Alex, is heading to the Yucatan Peninsula for a well over due update and to discover some new places too. Hopefully a trip to the ABC islands for him as well! We are really excited about visiting these locations and think they are going to add a great deal to our (already extensive) offering. So here's to a busy and exciting year and watch this space for our diving news as we explore these destinations….