When we say Australia, no doubt images of kangaroos, didgeridoos and, er, Neighbours spring to mind. But Australia has so much more on offer. From emerald tropical rainforests and red outback sands to glistening white coastlines and, of course, some of the world's most iconic diving; if variety is the spice of life, Australia really does give it all its flavour. And as the country becomes increasingly accessible (more on that below), there is never a better time to visit than now.

Perth skyline

Direct flights to Perth

Qantas has launched direct flights from London Heathrow to Perth. Taking approximately 17 hours, the flight departs at 1pm, meaning you'll touch down in Perth in time for lunch the following day. Easy peasy.

Flying from another destination? Why not break up your journey with an exotic stop-over? Just drop us a line and we'll plan you an adventure.

diving coral reef Australia


Australia is an island surrounded by life: whether snorkelling with the big fish off the West Coast, setting sail to remote reefs by liveaboard or diving in style on the Great Barrier Reef.

snorkelling with whale sharks Ningaloo Reef

…Big Fish

Just a hop, skip and a jump north (or an hour flight) of Perth, head to the remote beaches of Cape Range National Park to swim with manta rays, whale sharks (April to July) and humpback whales (July to November) - conveniently located a few kicks offshore from the wilderness tents of Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef.

scuba diving giant clam in rowley shoals Australia

…Rowley Shoals

Comprised of three atolls, the remote Rowley Shoals are located 180 miles west of Broome. The remains of three volcanoes, each atoll rises vertically from the deep and features a diverse array of scuba environments, from canyons and lagoons to thrilling drift dives and, of course, wall dives - all populated with healthy corals and abundant marine life (over 688 species, to be exact). Set sail aboard True North and explore sites guided by a marine biologist and posse of underwater naturalists, naturally.

Great Barrier Reef

…Lizard Island

You'll first be treated to sights of the Great Barrier Reef from above as you fly to the northernmost island. And being the northernmost island comes with all the perks. Dive or snorkel the world's most famous reef straight from the shores of Lizard Island, gliding above Giant Clam gardens and colourful corals in search of Simon - the giant resident Grouper, manta rays, turtles and so much more. All without the crowds of Cairns.

Uluru landscape

It’s Not All Diving

We've kicked off our fins and scoured Australia's great plains for the most 'original' experiences out there, whether blending your own red wine in the Margaret River or channelling Crocodile Dundee as a wildlife researcher for the day. Inland, we can arrange for a more unique way to visit the striking Uluru (think: Harley Davidson tours and scenic helicopter rides). On the East Coast, combine diving the Great Barrier Reef with a walkabout in Daintree Rainforest, believed to be the oldest tropical rainforest on the planet.

Papau New Guinea

Springboard To The End Of The World

Why not combine your Aussie adventure with a trip to some more remote destinations? Australia happens to link well with Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, not to mention a whole splatter of islands that carpet the Pacific and Indian Oceans.