Our new blog series looks at the different types of diving out there and the top places to go to for each. First on the list is liveaboard diving.

What are the benefits of liveaboard diving?

There are many benefits to diving and living on a boat for your holiday as opposed to a land-based holiday in a hotel.

First and foremost, living on the dive boat means that often you can get to places which you would otherwise not reach on just a day trip from a resort. This usually means they are remote (so you are unlikely to come across other divers there) and as a result generally in better condition and overflowing with marine life.

You also tend to do a bit more diving while on a liveaboard holiday, with perhaps 3 to 5 dives a day where as on land you are more likely to be doing 2 to 3 a day. That being said, this may not be everyone's cup of tea but of course it is flexible and some trips tailor to more 'hardcore' divers than others. The boats vary from cheap and cheerful dive boats in the Red Sea to private yacht charters in, for example, the Andaman Islands or Indonesia.

Whether you want to get in as much diving as possible in the shortest space of time, heading to a remote part of the world or not even diving and just wanting to explore by boat then a liveaboard trip could be a great option for you.

The best liveaboard diving in the world

We offer a number of liveaboard trips throughout the world, but the 5 below are what we consider to be some of the best liveaboard diving in the world:

  1. Silolona in Komodo, Indonesia - the ultimate in luxury liveaboard in a region that is stunning both above and below the waves.
  2. The Seven Seas in Raja Ampat, Indonesia - experience the best diving in the world on a first-class boat.
  3. SY Asia in the Andaman Islands - sail and dive these remote and stunning islands off Thailand (but belonging to India) where few people have dived before.
  4. The Odyssey in Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia - for the adrenaline junkies amongst you, head out to Micronesia for the best wreck diving in the world.
  5. Galapagos Sky in the Galapagos Islands - manta rays, penguins, turtles, fur seals, this is a location not to be missed and best experienced by liveaboard.

If you think liveaboard diving is for you, get in touch to find out more.