Winter is now in full swing, which can only mean one thing - let's get the gloves out! Alternatively you can grab the opportunity to escape from the grim UK weather and experience some amazing places where the mercury in the thermometer remains much higher. With Mexico being our destination of the month, we thought it would be appropriate to write a bit more about it and explain why we adore this country so much. It is hard to find a country that is able to suit everyone's needs and we truly believe that Mexico ticks all the boxes. Whether you like an action packed break or prefer peaceful days on a lovely beach, Mexico has it all.

Yucuatan Cenotes Cave Diving

Incredible activities

From a diving and a personal perspective, I am a big fan of the Yucatan Peninsula during our winter - and well, their winter too I suppose. Of course the diving is great year round, especially around Cozumel for some amazing coral dives and in the cenotes for great cave dives, but the main reason for this statement is that from December to April around playa del Carmen, the adrenaline addicts have the possibility to dive with bull sharks and to safely admire these graceful fish. It is also the best time of year to be there, as many sardines gather in huge bait balls that the sailfish feed on. On a great day, you even have the chance for dolphins to join the party as well as mantas, for a once in a lifetime snorkelling experience. Over to the West is the Sea of Cortez, cut off from the Pacific by the fascinating Baja California. Surrounded by rugged islands paved with almost deserted white sand beaches, this is one of the biologically richest bodies of water on our planet. Here, hammerhead sharks school in groups of up to 200 (or even an amazing 2,000!), colonies of playful sea lions live undisturbed. Away from the diving, Mexico also has a rich cultural heritage that includes the ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins of the central Mexican heartland and the Yucatán Peninsula (history lovers be prepared!), as well as picturesque colonial towns and the vast and vibrant metropolis of Mexico City.

Wooden Pier with Fishing Boats, Mayan Riviera, Mexico


Besides amazing and various activities the country offers, the quality of service and the level of some accommodation in Mexico and especially in the Riviera Maya is also very impressive. Along the coast from Cancun to Tulum you will find many different sorts of resorts, hotels or boutiques to suits everyone's needs. But after a few "FAMs" (aka Familiarisation Trips - the boring part of the job…), we have found a couple that are clearly among the best. Approximately 20km north of Playa del Carmen, you will find a local gem. Maroma Resort & Spa is as close as you can get to a real Mexican experience with style! Every little details here reminds you where you are in a very charming way and the cherry on the cake is that there is even a temazcal (a sort of sweat lodge) to purify your body and soul like the Mayan used to do. Further down south, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, there is another boutique hotel definitely worth mentioning. Hotel Esencia used to be the private home of an Italian duchess and has been converted into a hotel where traditions combine really well with modern conceptions of comfort. It is safe to say that Mexico has more than meets the eye. With a great variety of attractions to discover, a plethora of incredibly exciting activities and amazing accommodation, no doubt a luxury holiday in Mexico will be our top choice for a long time to come!

Have you ever been diving in Mexico? If so, tell us about it. And do get in touch if you would like to learn more about this holiday, or anything else we offer.