I have long been a fan of Six Senses hotels and have always dreamt of being able to visit Six Senses Zighy Bay. The stunning photos of the mountains towering behind with a long stretch of sandy beach and, of course, that incredible barefoot luxury style that Six Senses do so well, put this resort right at the top of my bucket list. Luckily, I got my chance and I am delighted to say that it did not disappoint. In fact, it exceeded my expectations.

paragliding hajar mountains oman

Arriving In Style

Arrivals at Zighy Bay are like no other - and when I say 'arrivals', yes there are multiple options! The first, and most conventional, is arriving by car but it is so much more than this. Just a two-hour drive from Dubai (making this the most ideal and convenient spot for some winter heat), takes you across the border into the Musandam Peninsula. While much of the drive is flat, the final section takes you zig-zagging up and over the mountain range that sits right behind Zighy Bay. Consequently, as you come over the top of the hill, you are faced with the most extraordinary views down onto Zighy Bay, half of which is made up with the resort and the other half a local fishing village. The views, quite literally, take your breath away and set the scene for what is to come. For this reason, I recommend taking one of the overnight flights from London so that you arrive during daylight. Other options include the famous paraglide arrival and arriving by boat from Dibba, the other side of the border. Mix and match - your adventure starts and ends at the airport!

Six Senses Zighy Bay

Life Is In The (Resort) Detail

The resort itself is beautifully designed, giving the feel of a village very much in-keeping with the destination. Little sandy streets and walkways are flanked with stone villas of varying sizes, all extremely private and each with a private pool. I particularly loved the first row of villas (I have my favourite numbers too - just ask!), with direct beach access. Given how beautiful the beach is and the gin-clear water perfect for cooling down from the Omani heat, being able to access this directly from your villa is worth the additional cost that these villas have.

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Uncrowded Diving

When it comes to the diving, there are 12 dive sites accessed on one or two-tank boat trips from the resort. Our favourite dive site is Octopus Rock: while the visibility in Oman tends to be lower than neighbours such as the Red Sea, the marine life is fantastic, from lovely soft corals of yellow, blue and purple hues, to schools of trigger fish, barracuda, multiple species of moray eel, seahorses, boxfish and more.

hiking Hajar mountains

Overland Adventures

Diving aside, although the resort is isolated, there are many adventures including trekking, rock climbing, 4x4 trips, kayaking, visiting the Sabatyn plateau with a delicious picnic and much, much more. If you are feeling athletic, my personal favourite is to hike up to visit a local goatherd, who spends his time perched at the top of the mountain tending to a herd of goats, with the only access to water being a daily scramble up and down an extremely steep path. Take the hike up to the top yourself to meet him and hear all about his daily life. In true 21st century style, the modern world of technology has even reached this corner of the globe: look out for the markings on the rock where he has located the best spots for phone signal on his daily water run.

Sense On The Edge restaurant

Cuisine of Champions

And last but not least… the food. While all of the dining at Zighy Bay is excellent, the highlight without a doubt is Sense on the Edge. Perched on top of the mountain behind the resort, not only does Zighy's fine dining restaurant have the most extraordinary views over the bay, but the creations that the chef and his team prepare are exquisite. This is nothing short of an art and is, quite frankly, the best meal I have ever eaten at a hotel, anywhere. No stay here is complete without a visit (though I really recommend two!).