Oman is often overlooked as a diving destination in favour of the more popular (and far busier) Red Sea. Here at Original Diving, we think it deserves more attention as it is a country that offers so much both above and below the waves.

There are a few areas of Oman that offer excellent diving: the Musandam in north, Salalah in the south…but the best diving in Oman, the jewel in its underwater crown, is the Daymaniyat Islands which are accessible from Muscat.

The Daymaniyat Islands are a chain of islands approximately 18km off shore from Al Batinah, stretching 20km in an east to west direction. There are 15 different dive sites dotted along nine main islands with numerous rock satellites, reefs and shoals. Here you will find very good coral and fish life; it's a great dive location to entertain all levels of divers.

To dive the Daymaniyat Islands you can stay at a hotel in Muscat and go out daily boat diving OR, and this is where we come in, we can organise a private dive safari. This really is about as good as it gets. You will spend your nights in a private tented camp on the Daymaniyat Islands (or onboard a private yacht if you are feeling extravagant!) with a private dive boat, team and full staff. So you will have the best diving in Oman right on your doorstep.

For a dream trip, you can add a couple of nights of private luxury camping in the desert and the mountains so you will get to experience some of what this beautiful country has to offer away from the diving.

Oman diving offers a genuine alternative to the often overcrowded waters of the Red Sea and is just as easily accessible from the UK. The visibility may not be as good but the fish life and the fact that there is no-one for miles around more than makes up for it.

Have you been diving in Oman? If so, please tell us about it on this blog. If you want to find out more about this private dive safari, or anything else we offer, get in touch.