Diving with Dolphins

Whether witnessing a pod of surfing dolphins or listening to the subtle clicks and echoes between two underwater friends, diving with dolphins should top every traveller’s bucket list. Highly intelligent, these playful acrobats live in complex societies (sometimes amassing thousands), have relationships and can even communicate with each other. These ocean superstars are also a famously friendly bunch, and dives will often involve a curious dolphin looking you straight in the eye. In short, it’s an experience not to be missed.

Some of the best places to go swimming with dolphins coincide with the most beautiful places to be above water, ticking all the boxes for divers and landlubbers alike. Alternatively, if you're looking to 'eat, sleep, dive, repeat,' our diving specialists know the most remote spots to go diving with dolphins alongside some of the ocean's most coveted marine species.

For the friendliest bottlenose dolphins in the world, set sail to Socorro (otherwise known as the Revillagigedo Archipelago). Located off the Pacific Coast of Mexico, this remote chain of islands is home to a pod of resident dolphins that will make direct eye contact with divers and mimic the sound of blowing bubbles alongside swooping manta rays. Meanwhile closer to shore, snorkellers and divers alike can see pods of orcas hunting mobula rays in the Sea of Cortez. Likewise, the Galapagos Archipelago is home to a curious pod of resident bottlenose and common dolphins, as well as a whole roster of big-ticket marine species (think: scalloped hammerheads, manta rays and whale sharks). While these trips are better suited to advanced divers on liveaboard trips, some of the best destinations for diving with dolphins can also be found closer to shore.

For a tropical island setting, Hawaii has some incredible spots for diving with dolphins in the deep blue ocean, while in the southern hemisphere, Ningaloo Reef in Australia attracts pods of dolphins in the turquoise shallows lapping the shore, and depending on the season, you can also swim with humpback whales or whale sharks here. Over in the Red Sea in Egypt, you can swim and dive with dolphins in a thousand-strong pod in warm, shallow water. Or, for a cool combo in Portugal, spend a few days in Lisbon before diving with dolphins in the Azores' offshore sites.

All in all, the possibilities to dive with dolphins are endless; our tailor-made diving holidays will enable you to encounter dolphins in your dream setting, while also ticking a few extras off your bucket list.

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