Sitting in grey london surrounded by packing cases as we move out of our dream home seemed to me to be a good time to remember something uplifting. That would be Raja Ampat and Si Datu Bua.

The Coral Triangle

I have already written about the amazing boat and so a brief word on the diving. I could bore on about the seemingly endless marine bio diversity but suffice it to say that you are in the coral triangle and therefore right at the centre of bio diversity. In simple English, you will find more marine species in the coral reefs of Raja Ampat than anywhere else on the planet. Period. Think about that for a moment and you begin to ask yourself why bother to go elsewhere? The only real shortage are shark but then that is a worldwide problem and we can thank our Asian chums soup habits for that.

Thriving coral reefs

In short the Raja Ampat coral reefs are thriving forests of endless species of marine life and perfect corals alive with violently coloured nudibranchs, the waters thick with plankton hence the visibility is far from perfect, but the pay off is the literal blizzard of life creating the chain of life. Coral bleaching is a meaningless phrase. There were two dive sites that we had to force ourselves away from No Contest and The Five Kings, both up there in our Top Ten ever dives, and thinking about that we shall soon do a blog with our ten best, rather different from what you will read elsewhere. They were staggering.

World's best diving in Raja Ampat

So in short, very short suffice it to say that the coral reefs in Raja Ampat offer the worlds very best diving, whether North or South, although given a choice we would probably head South. Probably. Maybe. The only other region I would consider on a par would be Komodo where the visibility is generally better and consequently the marine life perhaps not quite so intense. Head to either and you will have the diving of your life, I guarantee you. Add Silolona or Si Datu Bua to the mix and you very really have the holiday of a lifetime-simply unbeatable.

Have you ever experienced the beautiful coral reefs in Raja Ampat? Post a comment here to tell us about it? Or if you want to go, contact us today!