Where Can I Go On Holiday Now?

The post-coronavirus lockdown world is opening up for travel bit by bit, and those of us with itchy feet and a hankering for a change of scene (so, all of us…) are wondering ‘where can I go on holiday now?’.

After all this talk of air bridges and travel corridors from the UK to other countries, they are finally here. But it can be quite confusing to know what all of this means in practicality. What is an air bridge? Essentially, it is an agreement between two countries which allows people to travel between the two for a holiday without needing to quarantine either end. This means that you won't have to hole up in isolation for 14 days once you arrive in your destination, or self-isolate at home once you return to the UK. Basically, a normal holiday(ish).

With the ever-changing landscape of this pandemic, the list of countries where you can go on holiday may fluctuate quite considerably, so we wanted to make this a one-stop-shop page for Covid-19 travel updates. The countries in the collection below have the green light for visitors, and we'll be updating it every day to make sure it's as accurate as possible.

So that covers the question of where can I go on holiday, but what about the how? For starters, we know that the booking experience is probably a little more worrying now than it has been before, so our Coronavirus Confidence page has all the details of everything we're doing to make the experience of booking and travelling as smooth as possible. You can book with confidence, knowing that all of our holidays are ABTA and ATOL approved; enjoy flexibility on all Original Diving trips; and even have a pain-free airport experience as you're met on arrival and escorted through the check-in and security checks by somebody who knows the quickest route.

Secondly, we're advocating our new 'Travel Less, Travel Better' philosophy. Whether this means going on a multi-stop road trip to Europe from the UK rather than flying, or simply lingering longer in your chosen destination to get to know it a little better, we can, as always, organise private tours and experiences and book you the best most charming accommodation around to make the most of your precious holiday time.

We've been dreaming about travelling #OneDaySoon and now that day is here.

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